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Milestones in Communication

Rev. Sr. Lissy, Headmistress, Asha Nilayam School of Speech and Hearing Impaired Children.

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Rev. Sr. Pushpa, Manager, Asha Nilayam School of Speech and Hearing Impaired Children.

Asha Nilayam: School for Speech and Hearing Impaired Children at the Diocese of Kadapa, A.P., India.

Staff and students of Asha Nilayam

Service with a Smile: The Christu Jyothi Sisters at Asha Nilayam

Asha Nilayam

Asha Nilayam, a school for Speech and Hearing Impaired Children (SSHIC) was established in 2009 by the Christu Jyothi Sisters, with the vision of training the impaired children to communicate and teaching them a trade they have an aptitude for. Furthermore Asha Nilayam aims to introduce these children into the hearing world.


“Our centre identifies, evaluates and provides treatment for children with speech,
language, and hearing disabilities."

Our dedicated staff scout nearby villages to identify children with speech and (or) hearing impediments.
With the consent of either parents or guardians these children are brought to Asha Nilayam where they are provided with both free food and free accommodation. 


Our highly qualified staff of speech-language pathologists and audiologists set a standard of innovation and quality practice for Asha Nilayam. We teach children with mild to profound hearing loss to speak and read rather than use sign language. With the aid of advanced technology, highly trained staff and its listening-based approach to developing communication skills in the hearing impaired.

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This school is running classes up to 5th standard (or grade). It is recognized by the government of Andhra Pradesh, India. Each year one class will be added to them.

The Christu Jyothi Sisters intend to start vocational courses like computer application, carpentry, and other service sector courses that can help these children get trained in their selected trade.

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